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With a taste of blackcurrants

Average content per tobacco bit:         
Sugar: 0.05 g/ nicotine: 5 mg*

*Only part of the nicotine will be released during use. How much depends on how much you chew on the tobacco bit. Therefore, the tobacco bit will still contain nicotine when you throw it away.

Smokeless is better.
— Man 30 years
Oliver Twist helps me smoke less.
— Man 18 years
Oliver Twist was love at first sight.
— Man 34 years
I use Oliver Twist at home, at work, traveling, outside, inside, always and everywhere.
— Man 53 years
I use Oliver Twist everywhere and I’m so happy to finally get rid of products with artificial nicotine such as nicotine gum.
— Man 36 years

WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer.

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