A smokeless alternative

Oliver Twist tobacco bits



  • Oliver Twist are small hand-rolled tobacco bits available in 6 different flavours.
  • Our tobacco bits are made from whole tobacco leaves, which contain the naturally occurring amount of nicotine in tobacco.



  • Oliver Twist gives you the opportunity to use tobacco with a natural nicotine content.



This is how you use Oliver Twist tobacco bits:

  • Place a tobacco bit between your jaw and cheek. The natural nicotine content will be released slowly.
  • Keep the tobacco bit in your mouth for 30-60 minutes.
  • Do not swallow the bit; throw it away after use like a piece of chewing gum.

For the production of oliver twist tobacco bits, we use only carefully selected tobacco

For the production of Oliver Twist tobacco bits, we use only selected American tobacco and we carefully select our suppliers. Every single tobacco leaf used in our production has been picked manually and evaluated carefully to ensure homogenous quality that lives up to our high standards.

All production stages are monitored and analysed

All production stages are monitored and analysed. Except for the tobacco itself, all ingredients in the tobacco bits – and the film we use for vacuum wrapping the product – have been approved for the production of food.

Our products are made by hand

We have deliberately chosen to retain the old craft traditions. As a consequence, all our products are made by hand. Among our staff are people who can spin (i.e. roll tobacco leaves into a strand), tobacco strippers (who strip out the centre stem of the leaves) and even sauce masters (who add the flavour to the tobacco bits).

Oliver Twist


The Multipack contains 2-3 tobacco bits of each variety.

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