How much nicotine does an Oliver Twist tobacco bit contain?

Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits contain approximately 5 mg of nicotine. The amount of nicotine released depends on how much you chew the tobacco bit and how long you keep it in your mouth. During one hour of use, approximately 2 mg of nicotine on an average are released from an Oliver Twist Tropical tobacco bit. Therefore, not all nicotine contained in a tobacco bit is absorbed. Some nicotine will still remain in the chewing tobacco bit after use.

Do Oliver Twist tobacco bits contain nicotine?

Yes, they do. Oliver Twist tobacco bits are made from tobacco leaves. We do not manipulate the nicotine quantity. The quantity found in the natural tobacco leaf is the quantity you find in an Oliver Twist tobacco bit.

I use snus/chewing bags. Will I get enough nicotine from Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bit?

If you are used to using swedish snus or chewing bags, it will take some time getting used to Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits. Our tobacco bits are smaller and the nicotine is released more slowly than from snus and chewing bags. The reason is that our products consist of a whole tobacco leaf, not tobacco granulate/powder.

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