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Small discreet hand-rolled tobacco bits with different flavours

What are Oliver Twist tobacco bits and how do I use them?

Our tobacco bits are small and discreet rolls of tobacco, available with different flavours. Oliver Twist tobacco bits are made of complete tobacco leaves and contain the amount of nicotine naturally contained in the tobacco leaves. The people who use our tobacco bits are mainly persons who want to cut down on or entirely stop smoking tobacco, but who still need nicotine. Using tobacco bits, you avoid the harmful smoke and you do not bother others. Many use them during travels, on the job, in the car or at social events where they are not allowed to smoke.


This is how you use Oliver Twist tobacco bits

5 Advantages


Oliver Twist tobacco bits are small and discreet, and you can use them anywhere.


You can use them without bothering other people.


The box is small and easily finds room in your pocket or bag.


You get the nicotine, but you avoid the harmful smoke, e.g. from smoking cigarettes.


You avoid odour emission.

Natural nicotine content

Nicotine is a natural constituent of the tobacco plant, and the nicotine content in Oliver Twist products origins in the tobacco leaves exclusively. We do not change the natural nicotine content. Nicotine has a stimulating effect. How much nicotine a tobacco bit releases depends on how much you chew on it and how long you keep it in your mouth.

The average nicotine content in Oliver Twist’s tobacco bit Original is 5 mg. That may sound as a lot, but you do not absorb all of the nicotine when you use the bit. There will still be some nicotine left when you throw the bit away.

Vacuumsealed for freshness

As an extra way of ensuring its quality, we vacuum pack our tobacco bits in small bags. This prevents them from getting dry and losing their flavours. The tobacco bits stay fresh for up to one year after production – if the vacuum package is not opened. All boxes are marked with a best before date. This is your guarantee for buying fresh products. During use, in order to preserve the moisture in the tobacco bits, we recommend that you let the bag stay in the box.

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Oliver Twist multipack

The multipcak contains 2-3 tobacco bits of each variant.

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