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Small hand-rolled chewing tobacco bits with different flavours

What are Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits?

Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits are small rolls of tobacco, available in 6 different flavours throughout the UK: Original, Tropical, Black, Royal, Arctic, and Frosted. 

Our tobacco bits are handcrafted using whole tobacco leaves, which naturally contain nicotine.


Natural nicotine content

Nicotine is a natural constituent of the tobacco plant, and the nicotine content in Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits originates in the tobacco leaves exclusively. We do not modify the natural nicotine content.
The average nicotine content in Oliver Twist’s tobacco bit Original is 5 mg. That may sound like a lot, but you do not absorb all nicotine when using the tobacco bit. There will still be some nicotine left after use.


For additional quality assurance, we vacuum-pack Oliver Twist tobacco bits in small bags to prevent them from drying out and losing their flavour. If the vacuum bag stays sealed, the tobacco bits will stay fresh for up to one year after production. All boxes have a best-before date imprinted on them.

To maintain the moisture in the tobacco bits, we suggest leaving the vacuum bag in the box after opening it.

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Oliver Twist


The multipack contains 2-3 Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits of each variety.

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