This is how we make Oliver Twist tobacco bits

From microscopic seed to smokeless tobacco

An Oliver Twist tobacco bit begins its life as a microscopic seed. Tobacco seeds are sown in beds, and set out manually. The tobacco is harvested just before it is fully matured. The tobacco is hung up for drying. The air makes the leaves change colour from green to light brown. The dried leaves are graded by size and quality and subsequently bundled. Tobacco is sold on auctions.

We only buy selected American tobacco, i.e. complete, large leaves. The processing begins after a thorough receipt control in our production. First thing to do is remove the centre stem of each tobacco leaf. Then the bisected leaves are rolled into long strands by hand. This process takes place in the spinning room by a so-called “spinner”.

After further processing, the tobacco strand is cut into 1 cm long pieces and provided with a flavour in the saucery. Casing is the proper technical term for the liquid that provides the tobacco bits with their flavour. Previously, it was called sauce. Being the sauce master is a position of trust. It is the sauce master’s responsibility to guard the utmost production secret. Different flavours and English liquorice help give the different variants their character.

Every tobacco bit consists of a few square centimetres of a tobacco leaf. When you have finished using a tobacco bit, you can unfold it and see that it consists of just one piece of leaf neatly spun by hand.

The finished Oliver Twist tobacco bits are vacuum packed in bags with 30 pieces each, all weighing 7 g, and placed in a small box.

Kun udvalgt tobak anvendes til fremstillingen af Oliver Twist tobakspastiller

Kun udvalgt tobak anvendes til fremstilling af Oliver Twist tobakspastiller og vores leverandører er specielt udvalgte tobaksfarmere. Hvert enkelt tobaksblad, som anvendes i produktionen, håndsorteres og bliver nøje vurderet for at sikre en ensartet kvalitet, der lever op til vores høje krav.

Alle trin i produktionen overvåges og analyseres

Alle trin i produktionen overvåges og analyseres. Bortset fra selve tobakken, er alle ingredienser i tobakspastillerne samt folien, som vi bruger til vakuumpakningen af produktet, godkendt til fødevarefremstilling.

Vores produkter laves I hånden

Vi har helt bevidst valgt at bevare de gamle håndværkstraditioner. Det betyder, at vores produkter laves i hånden. På vores fabrik finder du medarbejdere, der kan spinde (dvs. rulle tobaksblade sammen til en streng), dæksmagere der kan strippe (skære tobaksbladets stængel ud) og sågar sovsemestre (som tilsætter smag til tobakspastillerne).

Oliver Twist


Sortimentspakken indeholder 2-3 tobakspastiller af hver Oliver Twist variant.

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