Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked by our consumers.
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How do I use Oliver Twist?

This is how you use Oliver Twist tobacco bits:

  • Place a tobacco bit between jaw and cheek.
  • For additional nicotine and flavor, gently squeeze it between your teeth.
  • Keep the tobacco bit in your mouth for 30-60 minutes.
  • Please do not swallow the bit; Discard the tobacco bit after use.


How much nicotine does an Oliver Twist tobacco bit contain?

Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits contain approximately 5 mg of nicotine. The amount of nicotine released depends on how much you chew the tobacco bit and how long you keep it in your mouth. During one hour of use, approximately 2 mg of nicotine on an average are released from an Oliver Twist Tropical tobacco bit. Therefore, not all nicotine contained in a tobacco bit is absorbed. Some nicotine will still remain in the chewing tobacco bit after use.

I tried Oliver Twist for the first time and had a burning sensation down my throat?

When you start using Oliver Twist, you may experience a strong and scratchy sensation down your throat in the beginning. When you use Oliver Twist tobacco bits, the nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The scratchy sensation appears because you chew the tobacco bit too much. The more you chew, the more nicotine and flavour is released – and this may cause a burning sensation in your throat.

What is the difference between Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits and cigarettes?

When you smoke a cigarette, you absorb the nicotine through your lungs. When you use a chewing tobacco bit, the nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The main difference between a cigarette and a tobacco bit is that smoke develops tar and carbon monoxide, which is proven harmful to health. Chewing tobacco bits are not lit and therefore do not develop these substances.

Do Oliver Twist tobacco bits contain nicotine?

Yes, they do. Oliver Twist tobacco bits are made from tobacco leaves. We do not manipulate the nicotine quantity. The quantity found in the natural tobacco leaf is the quantity you find in an Oliver Twist tobacco bit.

Will I feel a need to spit when I use Oliver Twist?

No, you will not feel a need to spit while using Oliver Twist tobacco bits. An Oliver Twist tobacco bit is about 1 cm long and 0.5 cm thick. It will not cause much saliva.

May I swallow an Oliver Twist tobacco bit?

Do not swallow the tobacco bits as they are made from tobacco leaves. Throw them into the garbage bin after use just as you would with chewing gum. Should you swallow a bit by accident and subsequently feel discomfort, you should seek medical attention.

I have not tried Oliver Twist before. Which variant should I choose?

Oliver Twist tobacco bits are sauced with either licorice or fruit flavor. You can find the different variants under the assortment tab. Here you can read about the different flavors and find the variety that appeals to you the most. Our assortment package/Multipack contains 2-3 tobacco bits of each variant. Multipacks can be purchased from selected retailers in the UK. With it you have the opportunity to test all varieties before buying a whole box.

Does Oliver Twist contain added sugar?

Yes. An Oliver Twist tobacco bit contains 0.04 gram of sugar on average. By comparison, an ordinary sugar cube contains 2.5 grams of sugar. This means that one cube of sugar contains the same amount of sugar as 60 Oliver Twist tobacco bits.

Why do the sizes and thicknesses of the bits differ?

Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits are hand-made. They are spun manually from whole tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves are natural products of varying sizes and thicknesses. We endeavour to make the products uniform, but it still cannot be helped that the sizes of the tobacco bits vary. However, a box will always contain 7 g net.

Do Oliver Twist tobacco bits contain tar?

No, Oliver Twist tobacco bits don’t contain tar. Tar develops from the burning of tobacco. Oliver Twist is a smoke-free product.

How do I know whether the tobacco bits are fresh?

The ”best before” date is stamped onto all boxes. This makes it easier for you and the retailer to see if the product is fresh. The vacuum packages with tobacco bits must feel soft and yield when you squeeze them.

What should I do when I have bought a box of Oliver Twist that is too old?

Kindly ask your retailer to give you a new box. We will compensate him and give him a new box free of charge. If this is not possible, just get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

I use snus/chewing bags. Will I get enough nicotine from Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bit?

If you are used to using swedish snus or chewing bags, it will take some time getting used to Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits. Our tobacco bits are smaller and the nicotine is released more slowly than from snus and chewing bags. The reason is that our products consist of a whole tobacco leaf, not tobacco granulate/powder.

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