Fresh and chilly flavour

Contains tobacco, water, liquorice, glycerine (E422), gum arabic (E414), sugar, flavour, potassium sorbate (E202)

Average content per tobacco bit
Sugar: 0.02 g/ nicotine: 5 mg*

*Only part of the nicotine will be released during use. How much depends on how much you chew on the tobacco bit. Therefore, the tobacco bit will still contain nicotine when you throw it away.

For more information, please contact your Oliver Twist retailer or have a look at our Store Finder.

Smokeless is better.
— Man 30 years
I am a great fan of the Oliver Twist range of tobacco bits. Nice to see an old traditional product still being produced and it is improving on its quality and range of flavors.
— Man 45 years
I am a delivery driver and I can not smoke when i am driving. Oliver Twist gives me the nicotine I sometimes need when I am working. It is good value and not so bad for your health as smoking. I always have a packet with me.
— Man 53 years
Excellent product with wonderful taste!
— Man 68 years
Neat product which is very discrete. Can be used in places where you wouldn't be allowed to smoke or vape. Very small packaging. No burning, no smell. No need to spit
— Man 55 years
I initially began using it because it is discrete, my work sometimes takes me indoors or I have to be around flammable materials, so cigarettes weren't always an option. Over time I have grown to really enjoy the taste and actually prefer it. It has the added benefit of being much cheaper and healthier than smoking.
— Man 20 years
Cheaper then smoking. Stops you wanting to smoke and plenty of different flavours which all taste great.
— Man 47 years
Oliver Twist was love at first sight.
— Man 34 years
Oliver Twist helps me smoke less.
— Man 18 years
I use Oliver Twist at home, at work, traveling, outside, inside, always and everywhere.
— Man 53 years
I use Oliver Twist tobacco bits every day as they completely replace my need for cigarettes. I have used them for 10 months.
— Woman 67 years
I use Oliver Twist everywhere and I’m so happy to finally get rid of products with artificial nicotine such as nicotine gum.
— Man 36 years
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